Truffles are on the go!!

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Well you guessed it its that time of year, you know the one cold, raining, snow, frosts and of course truffles.

Got out late last week and was disappointed to get a bit of truffle rot and some truffles that we opted to leave for another week, those are the ones where the perfume is not quite right so at the start of the season it is easy to leave them go another week. Summer worked well and by the looks of it it will be a great truffle season.

I had the pleasure of talking with a freelance writer about growing truffles in your backyard and the article is now up so I have added the link if you are interested in having a look or maybe a try at some truffles in your backyard. Something to keep you busy!!

On the training side we have started another puppy kinda and we have a very shy American Cocker – Dot, great with people rather frightened of other dogs. So last night we had some special time for Dot. I sat on the floor and elevated Dot by standing her on my legs. We then had all the other puppies on lead and had their owners walk them quietly past Dot, while I rewarded her ( Cheese Dot’s favourite) each time she let a puppy come past without wanting to move, hide or crawl up onto my shoulders. When she became comfortable with that we let the little ones off lead and she coped extremely well with that. She did move off when the bigger puppies came off lead but she did a great job. Next week we need to do more of that so her confidence grows and she realises that all puppies are nice even if they are bigger than you.

Catch ya next week with a bit more news Georgie

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