Truffle Season is sneaking up…………

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Gee what weird weather cold and then hot and not much rain……..lets hope that the truffles are happily growing and we are all keeping them well watered. You should be able to see the signs of truffle activity and if you have any exposed truffle now is the time to cover them up. If you leave them exposed then the sun and insects will definitely damage your truffle. Cover them over and check regularly that the rain or wind has not washed the sand away and you are giving that truffle the best chance of being edible. Of course a little bug damage is and indication that the truffle is a good one, the French believe that the bugs attack the sweetest truffles and in the wild there is no one out there to check that they are not exposed and suffering from the elements. You might see the truffle eruptions as they start to get bigger they push up through the soil and you may see a little volcano under your trees that cracks open to accommodate the truffles growth. It certainly is a sight for sore eyes.

Daylight savings has finished and nights are getting colder and the light fades fast, but it is around this time we should be getting our beautiful truffle dogs in training for the coming season. Young dogs need to get a bit of practice under their belts while the dogs that have been at it for some time need less of a refresher. In fact the beautiful Summer looks at me with those brown eyes and if she could speak she would say “Georgie you have got to be jokin, that’s not real truffle and I am not wasting my time telling you where the blinds are”. So I guess it is dogs for training and refreshing and the smart ones just walk into the season with not much tuning at all.

If you have not checked your Truffiere then get out and see if you can see what is happening underneath your trees in the mysterious world of the truffle fungi.


Good hunting Georgie

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