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Just wanted to let you know that truffle season 2018 has commenced so we will have fresh truffle available from next Wednesday. Please give us a call or e-mail to let us know your requirements and of course we have some at the Farm gate for your convenience.

I have had the pleasure of training a Labrador for a client – thanks to Labrador Rescue Victoria for allowing Bonnie to come to us we are hoping that she becomes an outstanding worker for her owners and wish her the very best on her truffle journey, a special thank you to Lisa at LRV for her excellent work with Bonnie before she came here for training. Along with Bonnie young Tris has commenced her truffle career and is traveling along beautifully. Rebel is smashing out her check in so look forward to her expanding on last seasons efforts. She has been the youngest dog I have had working and she did an excellent job for a baby in 2017. Our beautiful geriatric Kinae ( turned 14 and heading for 15) is still going to get a few jobs, she won’t be quiet so I am guessing it will be easier to give her some small jobs and make her very happy.

Looking forward to catching you all in the manic 10/12 weeks that is truffle season đŸ™‚


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