Truffle Season 2015 is about to start

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The thermometer tells us that it is almost time to start harvesting the elusive truffle. We have had some brilliant frosts but little rain so who knows how this truffle season will pan out. Everyone is finding surface truffles and this is most likely due to the dry conditions we have had over the growing season. The truffle grows in the moist part of the ground that has been watered over the summer and autumn so it makes sense that we would be seeing more of the truffle as this is where the most moisture would be.

We are running a fundraiser for the Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club of Victoria again this year and it will be on Sunday 12th of July starting at 11 am. Look out for the announcement on our events page soon.

Looking forward to seeing all our truffle clients and of course meeting new ones during the season.

Happy truffling Georgie

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