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What a funny old truffle season we are having it has been a very slow start with the truffle slow to reach its peak but at last the truffle aroma is great, the colour is perfect and the truffle rot is slowing down. The madness should continue until the end of August and then we will wonder what all the fuss was about.

There are a lot of new truffle growers coming on line with production of truffle and I hope that growers can work together to find a market, sell quality truffle and keep the interest in this mysterious fungi rolling along.

We hosted a fundraiser on the 20th for the Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club and it was a great day. It is the first time we have been given a cash donation because of the quality of the tasting plate. I know I am very lucky to get that French Chef in to do the tasting plate and you are very lucky to get someone from the mother country cooking and talking truffles. We also had e-mails from very happy participants and this makes the whole thing worthwhile……and the Club has a few more dollars for the promotion of the 5 rare breeds. Seeing a rare spaniel working truffles just shows people that spaniels do make great truffle harvesters…..even if I am a little bias!!

Please check the website for our next function (Sat Aug 9th) it should be a great day and I can assure you that the evening truffle meal will be something worth waiting for.

Please give us a call to fill your truffle needs  you will not be disappointed.

Happy harvesting and eating  Georgie.

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