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Well, could we have picked a worse day weather wise for our Truffiere tour on Sunday? hell no, but we did score a small break while we did the harvest and working dog stuff, not much rain and then by the time we got back inside it was belting down again.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and appreciated the fact that I had gotten a French Chef in for the day….well he actually only came up the road but many thanks to Aurelien for his help and preparation with the menu. We started with a truffle brie and biscuits, then had truffle chicken sausages, red beard sourdough with truffle butter, scrambled truffle eggs and rocket with a truffle vinaigrette (Home made) and we finished up with truffle chocolate mouse and truffle and vanilla bean ice cream. I do believe that it all got the thumbs up.

I have asked the group to send in their reviews good or bad and what we can do better, I did mention that I could not control the weather!!

It has been a bit of a funny truffle season so far with considerable truffle rot, I would expect to see this clean up now and then we can get into some good truffle that the region is producing and hopefully it will run right through to the end of August.

Until next time Georgie

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