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We are pleased to announce a new event. In conjunction with the Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club of Victoria we will be holding a day in Trentham on Sunday 20th July 2014. It will include a real truffle harvest, overview of growing truffles and a tasting plate. We will also have sales of fresh truffle and truffle products on the day. All gate money raised will go to promoting our 5 rare spaniel breeds….and two of these are breeds that we are using to harvest truffles Fields and Welsh Springer Spaniels, although on the day I will be working with Fields. So if you are interested in attending please go to our online shop and purchase your tickets. The day will be limited to 40 participants.

Just to get you into truffle mode I have attached a photo of a growing truffle, you will notice that as it has grown it has split the soil open and we have covered it with sand. Sometimes when the truffles are close enough to the surface they can break open the soil as they grow and we need to be diligent and cover them over to avoid insect damage and damage from the frost and sun. This way we have a chance of being able to use the whole truffle and not having to cut off any of the damaged area.

Would love to have your company on the 20th.


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