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Long weekend here in Geelong so we are having a rest from Puppy Preschool training at Highton Vet Clinic tonight. Graduation will now be next Monday night.   Our Highton Canine Companions dog training will also have a break on Wednesday night due to the current heat wave & will now train on Thursday night when forecast is cooler.  We don’t  want the 2 “Chocolate” Labrador Retrievers in the class to melt! LOL. Seriously, too hot to get the most out of the dogs, the families & the trainer!  Doesn’t mean we can’t continue to  train at home using meal times, just don’t train out in the heat.  Be mindful that our dogs can really feel the heat, walking / training/ exercising on hot pavements & bitumen may cause distress to your dog & burns to your dogs pads. Best to walk the pooches first thing in the morning or very late in the evening when things are cooler.  Make sure your dogs have plenty of shade, water & even a “kong” pupsicle or a treat ice block ! A “single side” of a toddler clam shell pool filled with water is an ideal & fun way for medium & larger dogs to find relief from the heat & provides extra water too. Be careful with smaller dogs though as it could be a drowning hazard. Also ensure smaller dogs & pups can actually get out of a shell pool. A washing tub might work well for our little dogs.   Don’t have the unused side of the shell attached in case it blows over on the pup/smaller dog trapping them!  Heat stress is a real threat in these current weather conditions. Dogs should not be left in cars or on the back of utes on a hot surface & in the sun.  If your dog is suffering the effects of heat stress, “wet” the dogs stomach,inner thighs, “wet” the head & have a cold wet towel for the dog to lay on. Putting a wet towel on a top of a dog acts like a “sauna” & will make the dog even hotter. Seek Veterinary advice if you are concerned about heat stress & your pup/dog. My Rottweilers Anais, Boone & Calypso,my Field Spaniels Dior, Maya & Dimity Sparkles and my Welsh Springer Spaniels Shelby & Gidget are all enjoying the airconditioning !  Stay cool everyone! Cheers for now Lisa B

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