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This week at puppy kinda we discussed grooming and I showed the participants how to trim a puppies toenails. I was pleased to see that all of the attendees were willing to have a go at this, even though I frightened them with “if we do cut them too short there will be blood” of course this lead to the fact that we can no longer purchase Condies Crystals to stop the bleeding and of course a discussion on dew claws. It is interesting that most new owners are in the dark about dew claws and their purpose and most are horrified when they were told that some breeds also have rear dew claws and some even have double dew claws. Bottom line remember to trim the dew claws along with the dogs other toenails and make sure that you do these regularly so that it is a pleasure to trim nails and not a fight to get the job done, better to trim a bit less off rather than risk drawing blood, your dog may never forgive you if you do cut a nail too short.


On another note we have a lot of good brule’s in the truffiere this year, this is the natural die back around the base of the innoculated trees that indicates that things are progressing and that maybe, just maybe there could be truffle this season. We are now entering the 7th year as we planted these particular trees in  November 2006, of course it turned into a drought that year. Truffle season should start in June and run through to the end of August. This is just 12 weeks of madness for me and I could be found any where in Victoria on any given day. Having said that it is a time that I enjoy greatly as I get to work each day with my beloved dogs. It is hard work and I walk around 3 or 4 klms on average harvesting for each client. Sometimes it is awful weather  and at other times you almost need your sunscreen ah the joys of contract harvesting. You also get to meet some interesting people and I get to visit places that I have never heard of before, not to mention the good cuppas and afternoon teas that await you too. All in all its a pretty special job.

Catch ya later Georgie

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