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Puppy Kinda & Truffles………..


I hope that every new puppy owner realises the importance of socialisation? It is our job as owners to expose our new puppies to as many new and varied experiences as possible. This should include meeting new people, dogs, other animals not to mention the importance of new noises, smells and surfaces. If we take the opportunity to do this then we can teach our puppies that these things are normal and we can save ourselves some very big headaches into the future. Far better to spend the time now and have out going social dogs who love everyone and everything that they meet, who have the capacity to recover and accept new situations rather than try to flee, hide or in the extreme fear bite.

Now having said that we have just commenced a new puppy class at Macedon Ranges Vet Clinic and we have some too cute to mention babies attending. I am not sure that I have come accross someone quite as georgous as “Bear” I bet  you are thinking a big dog….No she is a Cavilier King Charles/Poodle cross and she is a beautiful apricot fluff ball who cracked up the class with her little “play boughs” and her tiny non stop wagging tail. She can dart in and our of your legs like lightening. I look forward to seeing these new puppies take over the puppy kinda as their confidence grows and their owners get into the swing sits, drops and stands whenever they get the chance during the day.

As for the truffle part, well the season is sneaking up on us so I need to start my dogs on a bit of a pre season warm up. Both Jarra and Jon Snow are about to realise that very soon they are going to be earning their keep and helping me with the 2013 truffle harvest right here in the Daylesford – Macedon region. We will see how the juniors progress and I will definately keep you up to date on their progress.

Bye for now Georgie.

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