Our Truffiere

Aussie Truffle Dogs has established a 1100 tree Truffiere containing  Perigord Black Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum), Burgundy or Summer Truffles ( Tuber Aestivum), Borkii or Bianchetta ( Small Italian white truffle) and some Tuber Magnatum Pico ( Italian large white truffle) although this is yet to be cultivated any where in the world.

The Perigord Black Truffle is harvested during the winter from mid June to the end of August  dependent on the season, while the Summer Truffle is harvested from December through to February.

While we are breeding puppies specifically for the Truffle industry, we felt that it was important to establish our own Truffiere with the both types of Truffles to ensure we had several months in which to train and work our dogs on the real deal. We also breed and supply companion dogs for those wishing to obtain a family pet.

We are more than happy to conduct tours around the truffiere and put you in touch with the experts should you wish to plant your own trees. Our ultimate goal is to get fresh truffle into the local eateries, or to the home cook and make it simple for people to obtain this mysterious fungi and be comfortable using this product.



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