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Here we are in the middle of March with the most unpredictable weather I have ever seen. From roasting hot, no rain to our first frost on the 20th of March…..what is going on!!

Boy it will be interesting to see what sort of a truffle season that this unpredictable weather actual results in. We have been watering regularly but would love some rain. We will manage to get through with our water supply but rain would be great. Thunderstorms now that is what the Doctor ordered ……. there is a theory that there is something special in thunderstorms that the truffle love, maybe nitrogen or something so while we artificially water, thunderstorms are what we need. Who knows, if we follow what is happening overseas then it will be cold, snow and more rain than you can poke a stick at. Are we never happy when it comes to the weather?

If I can work out how to do it I will be posting on our events page who purchases fresh truffle from us. Those local Restaurants that we supply will be listed onto our events page so that if you have a hankering for truffle then you will be able to make a choice about your dining requirements from our list of local eateries that will have local truffle on the menu. Of course you can always give us a call during the season and we can supply from the Farm Gate or by mail your individual requirements.

We are busy working on some exciting truffle events for the coming season. We have a new Restaurant in down town Trentham who needs no introduction really. “The Plough@Trentham” opened yesterday and is a fine dining experience similar to that of owner Mark Mills original Restaurant “The Plough” at Myrniong. We look forward to organising an event with Mark for your enjoyment along with our usual events during the season.

Stay tuned it is not that long until the 12 weeks of madness called truffle season!!


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