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Sitting here typing up this blog about the immanent arrival of truffle season I look out the window and see another large frost glistening and sparkling over our backyard. The ripening or maturing of the truffle is dependant on the amount of frosts we have and after a few frosts we will start to get a perfume from those truffles that are starting the process of ripening. Dogs will now start to pick up the aroma that the truffle gives off, but it is up to the harvester to determine if the truffle is right for removal. If we take the truffle out too early we have an immature truffle that will not be at its peak aroma and not as good as the truffle could be. So it is a bit of a challenge to pick the perfect aroma for a perfectly ripe truffle. What also needs to be noted is that truffles that ripen earlier in the season are simply not as good or aromatic as truffles harvested later in the season. But it is not as simple as just leaving the truffle in the ground until the aroma improves, when the truffle reaches its peak maturity it will then start to rot and the truffle is then lost.

Please keep an eye on the website for when we have truffle available and we would expect in the next couple of weeks for the truffle to start. We are also hosting a couple of events that should be very entertaining if you are up for a truffle hit. We will be letting you experience some of the foods that work well with truffle so that you can gain some experience with the product and hopefully go away with the confidence to either cook your own or to order something with truffle off the menu.

My 12 weeks of madness are about to begin, forgive me if the blogging slows down 🙂




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