Highton Canine Companions Graduate!

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Can you believe we started this class 8 weeks ago. I’m really proud of those owners who took my advice of “you will get out of training what you put in – do the work, get the result. You have all invested in your dog’s futures – great work!  Looking forward to seeing Harry, Peter, Diego, Charlie, Maddie, Gem, Sarah, Milo, Freddie & Lilly go through their paces for graduation. They will be timed for the fastest sit, drop, sit, stand, drop, stand with out food on their owners body. We will compare this to the progress cards to see who is the most improved, then we will move to a relay race a bit like an egg & spoon race that involves, 2 cups, dog kibble, & a spoon. The owners will be required to have their dogs’ walking at attention, sit, wait – ‘leave it” while the owners scoop some kibble onto the spoon out of a cup, then carefully turn around & walk back up to another cup, where they tell the dog to again sit, wait definately ‘leave it”, while they pour the kibble into the cup. The process is repeated for 2 mins. Winner has the most kibble in the cup. I think it is the funniest game we play – but it is about communicating to the dog what you need it to do. We also have the longest sit, fastest recall, furtherest drop on the spot  and best trick.

My next Highton Canine Companion class starts next week but has been booked out for 7 weeks. The following class starts on Wednesday 29th May & only has a few places left.

Puppy classes are going very well with large numbers in the class. Highton Vet Clinic’s puppy classes continue to go against the trend with regular enrolements of around 12 in each class. Many clients are repeat clients with new dogs or have been recommended to us from friends & family. It’s good to know that we have a good reputation in the Geelong, Surf Coast areas.  Interestingly, I am seeing a few more “different” pure breed dogs in the classes. Currently I have a Burnese Mountain Dog, a Japanese Spitz, a Shiba Inu, an Irish Wolfhound, a Hungarian Vizsula, a couple of German Shepherd Dogs, a couple of Whippets, not to mention the usual popular breeds of Jack Russels, Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Staffordshire Bull Terriers. We’ve also got a good representation of Poodle mixes & Shih Tzu mixes. Looking forward to watching & helping their progress.

Big thank you to “Phoebe” Cox the Mini Schnauzer & her Family for the lovely box of Chocolates after their puppy class graduation. Also thanks to the last graduating group of Highton Canine Companions for the lovely bottle of Sav Blanc. I think Seamus the Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier & his owner, Jen organised it 🙂

Well my crew are telling me it’s time for a walk,till next time………. remember to listen to your dog, it may be telling you something very interesting or important!

Lisa Blackwell

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Membership number 276

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