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Well I can hear the Easter Bunny thumping around the back paddock….well maybe not the Easter bunny but we are host to a multitude of wild rabbits at the moment. Jon Snow thought that it was actually Christmas as he has finally caught himself a bunny….not quite sure how that came about but he kept showing me his catch and then telling me not to touch it. So I went into the kennels and came back with one of his favourite other things a chicken carcass and we exchanged a bunny for that and the porblem was solved. I made the exchange non confrontational, so instead of making him give the rabbit I offered a reward or an exchange and the rabbit became mine and he ate the chicken carcass so every one was happy.

Congratualtions to all of my Kinda babies on their graduation from puppy Kinda, and thank you to Cathy and Jenna for coming in and taking what I am sure will be another set of beautiful puppy photos that will go onto display at the Vet Clinic. We had some fantastic party tricks and some great treats, thanks to Jen. Little Bear who I swear had grown a whole inch in the last week actually stole the show with her high fives and begs, Blossom was pretty good at the high fives as well. Now Molly is a typical boistorous Staffy so congrats to Kristi on the sit stay and control keep up the good work. And to Ingrid and Loui keep up the good work I will be waiting to hear that he has made it as a therapy dog, he will be just perfect.

Class was a little interupted with an emergency at the Clinic…..suspected snake bite,  who would have thought about that now that the weather has taken a turn but you just never know do you. It must be one of the hardest things to go through and I keep my fingers crossed that all went well as the dog was shipped off to an emergency centre so that he could have 24 hour care. Please be vigilant where snakes and dogs are concerned, it gives some relevance to recall and the sit/stay command it could very well save your dogs life.

For those who do not know I am about to become a grandma well actually I am a few days overdue but you know babies they will come in there own good time, I will keep you posted on the grand baby front.

Happy Easter do not eat too many Easter eggs and remember that chocolate is actually poisonous for dogs.

Catch you soon Georgie

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