Please ensure that the person training or helping you to train your dog to find truffles has actually harvested truffle.

If you have not harvested truffle how are you going to determine what is required by the dog to actually find truffle? The requirements of the dog can only be taught by someone who knows the process of harvesting truffle. If your trainer does not know the requirements then you will be inadvertantly teaching the dog the incorrect techniques and in essence confusing the dog. There are many good dog trainers that will not be able to train the dogs correctly simply because they have no actual experience of, or understanding of what is required by the truffle industry.

Why purchase a purebred dog?

A purebred dog has concentrated genes that reproduce to provide breed type and temperament. So all dogs of the same breed should look and behave alike. This is also a way of keeping track of the working capabilities of individual dogs within a breed, as these instincts are hereditary.

Why purchase a registered pedigree dog?

A dogs pedigree is the blue print of its parentage which allows you to track his breeding/lines. It gives you the ability to check on your dogs ancestors and allows us to help you choose a dog for its working ability. A registered dog proves that the dog is a purebred dog and that a register has been kept on your particular breed of dog. Your registration certificate shows 3 generations of your pups breeding, our personal records can provide extended pedigrees, beyond 3 generations.

How do I train my puppy?

Aussie Truffle Dogs has devised a unique training programme for the harvesting of truffles. This programme is copyright and can be purchased from us along with your puppy.

Are there any guarantees with a puppy?

All breeding stock are tested for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and are annually eye tested. This does not guarantee that they will be free of an hereditary disease, it does tell you that as breeders, we have done everything possible to minimise the occurance of hereditary disease. Please note that all breeds suffer from hereditary diseases, even crossbred dogs. Please discuss this with a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

How do I know that my puppy will be able to find truffles?

All puppies are assessed for their potential suitability for scent work. Not all puppies in a litter will have the attributes that we know are required to do scent work. There may be only one or two puppies that qualify. Then it is up to the new owner/trainer to finely tune these attributes and have their dog harvesting truffles.

Can you help with the training of my pup?

Yes we have devised a program of training for each Aussie Truffle Dog that is sold for the harvesting of truffles. We have the expertise to help you with any problems that occur. You will need to purchase a training package along with your puppy.

Can you train the dog I currently own?

Yes we can provide a package that will enable you to train your own dog, but you need to take into consideration that your dog may not have been assessed for its suitability for this type of work. You may have unwittingly reinforced behaviours that may be difficult to resolve.

Why can’t I purchase a trained dog and have it work for me?

We can provide you with a trained dog but our experience with dog training, in all fields, has shown that all dogs respond/work with a more positive attitude to their primary trainer. Therefore your dog will perform better for you if you train it. Our training package is designed to provide you with detailed information on how you can get the best results from your dog. Our trainers are available to help with any trouble that you may have.


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