ATGA Truffle Grading Workshop

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I do hope that the 20 odd people that joined in the inaugural truffle grading workshop at Daylesford enjoyed themselves. I know that I did, not only was the room filled with the pungent aroma of a few kilos of truffle but people wanting to learn more about truffle. The workshop covered a lot of topics but most important was the grading of truffle in line with the ATGA standards. Many thanks to Tim Terry and his beautiful young daughter Anna for providing a truly great experience for those in attendance. The workshop included a myriad of everyday truffle appearances from being eaten to sunburnt to slugs and  slater damage to just the fact that truffles appear in all shapes and sizes. The ripeness of the truffle was also thoroughly discussed and explained. We were also shown an inferior truffle the brumale that is not used for human consumption in Australia along with some immature Summer truffle – tuber aestivum. All in all a great day, so many thanks to the convenor Sue Daly and to the ATGA for putting on the event.

So I guess its back to harvesting for me now……..I used to think that this was a hard job, but I am glad that I am not a truffle grader!!


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