About Aussie Truffle Dogs


Georgie Patterson

Breeder/Trainer/Operations Director

Phone: (03) 5424 1686
Mobile: 0425 618 297

Georgie is married to Martin and has two daughters Tamara and Telissa.

Experience: I have had 26 Years Breeding and Training experience with Field Spaniels, although I grew up with Labrador Retrievers and Greyhounds. I am the first Australian Field Spaniel breeder to take onboard Genetic Testing for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia as a preventative measure. All breeding stock are hip and elbow scored at 12 months and annually eye tested until eight years to gain a ‘Clear Eye’ certificate. We are also now obtaining breeders heart certificates for all of our breeding stock.  I am a member of the Field Spaniel Society of the UK, Field Spaniel Society of America and I am Treasurer of the Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club. I am dedicated to the preservation of this breed for its many wonderful attributes, and I am looking forward to them excelling in this field – the retrieval of truffles.


Lisa Blackwell

Chief of Training



Shaye Metcalf

Breeder/Trainer/Information and Marketing Director.

Phone: 0414 485 055

Experience: I have been Breeding and Training Field Spaniels for seven years. Prior to this I had Australian Cattle dogs who worked, and I shot over Curly Coated Retrievers for game. I have found Field Spaniels highly intelligent, easy to train, with an eagerness to please their owners. They make great family companions and are equally a t home in the field working as they are at your side as a loyal companion. Once this breed has ‘switched on’ to what you need, their only wish is to please you.

Though new to the breed of Field Spaniels, my kennel is committed to providing sound and quality stock for both work and play. All breeding stock is genetically tested and temperament assessed prior to placement to their new home. Though a small kennel, the emphasis is on quality and providing a companion dog with the capability of a working dog.


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